Welcome to the Sapphire Reliquary!

We are open every Saturday 11pm-3am EST on Balmung in Shirogane at the 7th plot of the 11th ward.

We are an IC dance club that caters to the less-than-lawful sort as a neutral ground and entertainment venue. We value immersion and interaction. We subscribe to the idea that a little chaos is what makes the night the most successful!

Want to make a sale of some illegal goods under the darkened lights and loud music? Need information or have a mark you're looking to track down? Or maybe you're just out to have a night on the town and don't know what you're walking into? Want to lose yourself to alcohol and dance?

Welcome to the Reliquary.

Please note that we are not your average club, and our rules (both IC and OOC) are a bit different. Make sure you read them before you attend our venue so you understand what you're stepping into.

(Please read these and be aware of them. A link to them will be sent to everyone walking in the door. We allow far more than your average venue, but please keep in mind that the overall ability for the Reliquary to remain a neutral ground may require certain problems to be handled elsewhere.)



What does that mean? It means we offer a place in Shirogane away from the eyes of the authorities that might make life difficult for those who prefer to exist under the radar. We will not stand for turf wars and efforts to settle outside scores here. We do not care who you are outside our doors-- here, we are all civil and we are all in business.

You are welcome to conduct yourself as usual. We'll turn a blind eye to trades and deals made here, and what happens within our walls is to remain here. All who enter into the Reliquary are to understand that.

A neutral ground is a difficult place to find. Many of us treasure having such a place-- and we will not look kindly on those that would put it in jeapordy. If you insist on a fight, we expect you to take it outside the neutral ground. Start one within our walls and you will see it ended swiftly and likely not in your favor.


Our staff is happy to serve you with drinks at the bar and come dance at your booth for you and your guests. Some of our dancers might even be inclined to come dance with you on our dance floor for a short while. We do not offer any services behind closed doors, though what you and our dancers agree to beyond the hours of our venue is between you and them. Please do not push any dancer if they choose to decline your request, and understand that they do not owe you a reason.


The office to the right of the front desk is off limits and warded. The same is true of the corded-off VIP area above the table seating. Please leave the top tier of the stage and the glass dance boxes for our dancers, otherwise you are welcome to dance and mingle wherever your heart desires.


Please do not speak OOCly outside of (brackets) and if possible, keep OOC chatter to a minimum in /say. We also ask that people limit their standard emotes or avoid using them so as to help with the already fast chat scroll. We also ask that minions get put away unless they are ICly with you.


We do not deal with real gil at the Reliquary. All gil transactions are IC, and we do not offer any services behind closed doors. That said, our dancers are happy to interact with you and give you some extra attention. Please see the 'Services' tab for more information.


Because we are a venue meant to draw the less rule-abiding crowd, please understand that we take IC as IC. You are welcome to be rude to others ICly or cause trouble, but expect the IC consequences that follow. If you are OOCly rude or we suspect you are using IC as a method to harass someone about OOC situations, you will be shown the door. EXCEPTION: Please do NOT take things to a massive level. Unless previously discussed with leadership and planned, we will not accept attempts to explode portions of the club, attempts to murder club goers, etc. Please use your common sense. If you're not sure if something is acceptable, please /tell a host for assistance.


You MUST be 18+ both IC and OOC to enter the venue and be on the discord. Do not harass other members for any reason. Hate speech will not be accepted and is a one way ticket to the blacklist.


Please do not spam the /say chat in game. /yell and /shout are for staff ONLY with the exception of any major situation occurring in which your character would have reason to ICly /yell for security or staff. We ask that you try to limit your standard emotes and not spam them. Please also remember you can turn off standard emotes in your chat settings if you want to minimize chat scroll.


We understand Lalafell characters are often older than 18, and they are welcome to the club, however we do not allow Lalafell character to request dancers and we do not accept Lalafell on dancer applications. We will also ask any Lalafell to leave that are being too NSFW and making people uncomfortable. This is non-negotiable.

~+~Services Offered at The Reliquary~+~

Patrons are welcome to claim any seat they like with their group. However, please note that should a VIP party request a table and none are available, you may be asked to vacate your seat. See the VIP section of the discord for how to acquire this exclusive perk!


Table Dances
Our dancers would love to join you at your table-- or on it! These are free of charge, though our dancers may choose to decline if we are busy or they aren't feeling up to the task that evening. If you'd like a dancer to come dance at your table, just send them a /tell! These are not private dances, are all SFW, and will be done in /say chat. It's an awesome way to meet our dancers and get more immersed in the atmosphere.


Dance Partner
Since we don't offer any private services, we still want to let our patrons have a way to interact with their favorite dancers one on one. You are welcome to ask any dancer to join you on the dance floor as your dance partner and for some conversation. Please respect any dancer that may decline such an invitation and understand that they do not owe you a reason. We value our dancer's comfort above all else.


Body Shots
Fancy a drink in an unconventional way? Many of our staff (Bartenders, Hosts, and Security included!) are willing to offer themselves up for body shots. Don't get too crazy-- or do! Please understand some of our staff may not be comfortable offering this service. Feel free to ask a staff member directly if you have a specific one in mind, or ask Corvin to find you someone willing.

Potions Roulette
The venue's owner is an accomplished alchemist and would be happy to offer you some more magical liquid indulgence. They have a plethora of potions available at the ready for a /random roulette game! Please see the hosts at the front desk or seek out Zekh'ir Jakkya if you wish to make a purchase or try a round.

Owner - Zekh'ir

Host - Nashide

Host - Naia

Host - Aludove

Head Security- J'serin

Security - Velithgar

Security - R’tano

Security - Argas

Security - Ramiel

Head Bartender - Belgamine

Bartender - Willow

Bartender - Corvin

Bartender - Radimir

Bartender - Kohjhin

Bartender - Amerigo

Bartender - Ignatia

Bartender - Z'ortoff

Bartender - Fang

Bartender - Arnet

Bartender - Fae

Bartender -

Head Dancer - Doyi

Dancer - Ventaile

Dancer - Emylee

Dancer - Caspian

Dancer - N'kari

Dancer - Khal

Dancer - Miraan

Dancer - Galen

Dancer - Seraphine

Dancer - Daru

Dancer - Aethyn

Dancer - Hale

Dancer - Mitsuru

Dancer - Hidden

Dancer -

Dancer -

Security -

Bartender -

Come work for us!

We are currently hiring for the following positions.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer erp or real Gil transactions, though patrons are welcome to tip our staff. Our goal is to be immersive and help stir connections. Please do not apply if your goal is ERP. We expect all our staff to help promote the immersive environment we wish to create.

You must be 18+ OOC and IC to apply. Lalafell may apply to any position except dancer. We expect our staff to commit to attending the weekly open nights (Saturdays 11pm-3am EST) for all or most of the duration of the event. We have a small amount of 'part time' positions available to those who can commit to 2 weekends a month. We understand that real life happens and sometimes you may be unable to attend, we just ask that you let us know ahead of time if you know your schedule will interfere with event nights. We're willing to work with people with odd availability!
Joining the FC is NOT a requirement, and most staff are not members. However, staff are welcome to join the FC and several of us have made it our home. We can't promise we'll be super active on an FC level (Most of everything we do, we do as a crossworld linkshell/staff event) but you're welcome to join us and to add rooms!
Many of us will RP outside of the open club hours both in the Reliquary manse and beyond. We'd love to have more people who want to help grow our RP family and get involved. It is absolutely not a requirement, but always an option!
Please click the 'APPLY' button below to be taken to the application. If you have any questions, please join our discord.